About Me

My name is Faye Harris and I am the creator of Faye's Photos, a Shanghai-based photography business. 

I have always loved taking photographs, but my real passion for photography started when my husband bought me a camera one year for Christmas, when we were living in Germany.  The following year I was asked to photograph a friend's wedding, and the business has grown since then.  I love people, and to be part of someone's special day, capturing classic, timeless photographs that will be cherished forever, is an incredible thing. The events I photograph are happy and joyful occasions and my goal is to bring that sense of happiness, fun, laughter and love into the photos I create.  

I am available for all styles of event photography, including weddings and engagement photo shoots, couples photo shoots, family events, baby portraits, birthday parties and pet portraits.  

To arrange your no-obligation, free consultation, please see the Contact page for more details.