Maev and Peter's Stunning German Castle Wedding at Schloss Gartrop.

I've just started reading a book called 'Read this if you want to take great photographs of people.' by Henry Carroll. It's all about street photography and how to find different angles and interesting points of view when photographing everyday people in a situation that isn't 'staged' like a wedding or engagement session. There is a quote on the first page that is my new mantra for photographing people in any situation.

'Don't take pictures of people. Take pictures about people.'

This really spoke to me as a photographer, and is something I've been subconsciously doing since I started my Faye's Photos in 2016.

It made me think back to my very first wedding in August 2016, at the beautiful Schloss Gartrop in Germany. A wedding can be a tricky thing to photograph if you've never done it before. There's quite a lot of pressure! It helps a lot if, like me, photography is the thing you love doing the most in the world. And it helps if your first ever bride and groom are as chilled as Pete and Maev!

They were the first couple to put their trust in me as a photographer, and for me, it was the start of something beautiful. The trust that Pete and Maev gave me built my confidence up so high, I felt like I was flying. That trust extended throughout their wedding day and didn't falter, even when I asked them to go outside in the rain to get some shots of the two of them, which turned out to be fabulous. It would have been a shame to not capture some photos around the outside of this magnificent schloss.