Sometimes you get to photograph a family who TOTALLY OWN IT with the photoshoot. The Cruijff-Jiang family were one of those families that photographers dream of.

As their name suggests, this gang are a Dutch/Chinese family, living and working (and going to school) in Shanghai. I was lucky enough to work with the Mumma of this gorgeous family. In fact, we shared an office together, both teaching English as an Additional Language.

Their favourite place to go at the weekends was Century Park, which is a huge, green, open space, right in the heart of one of the busiest and most populated cities on the planet. The park is so big that you can find a little quiet spot for a picnic, even during the busy summer months. This special weekend spot was the natural choice for this family's photo shoot. I love finding a spot that means something to the family. It helps them to feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera if they are somewhere they know well, and it especially helps if that spot is a little secluded.

So, why did I love this shoot so much? Well, whenever a family books a photo shoot with me, I send them my Faye's Photo Family Guide, with hints and tips on what to expect on the day. It has quite a large section on choosing which clothes to wear. This is trickier than it sounds! Some families go super casual, looking to portray themselves as they are in 'real life'. Some families use the shoot as a great excuse to get dressed up in their finest clothes. And some families, like the Cruijff-Jiangs, find the perfect balance between the two!

They dressed in tones that complemented each other, but without being matchey-matchey. Honestly, don't underestimate how difficult this is! In my own family photos, we ended up being matchey-matchey, without even doing it on purpose. I myself was trying to achieve what this family did with regards to their wardrobe! They were also naturals in front of the camera, interacting with each other and showing how much they loved each other in every pose. Best of all, they just wanted to have fun!

I mean, it would have been hard to go wrong with this adorable family, which included the cutest little girls ever. Like I said; they totally owned it!