The Pidgeon Family at Jinqiao Park, Shanghai

I really love a family photo shoot. There is nothing better than a happy, chunky baby, and parents who are totally in love with their little family. It is wonderful to take photos of a family as happy and adorable as the Pidgeon family. They were so relaxed! They are probably the most relaxed people I've ever taken photos of! Then again, I know this family personally, as we worked together in a school in Shanghai. 'Chilled' is the perfect way to describe this lovely trio. They were just happy to be in each other's company, and viewed their photo shoot as a bit of fun. It really is amazing how much of a difference it makes to the end photos having relaxed people in front of the camera. 

So, my advice to anyone coming up for a photo shoot is to treat it like the Pidgeon family did; like it's an opportunity to spend some quality time together, where someone just happens to be taking photos of you! The end results will be like these gorgeous family photos - happy, relaxed and totally adorable.  These guys are just so cute!