A rustic, chilled summer wedding at Burley Manor, in the heart of the New Forest.

What a beautiful wedding day it was! I enjoyed myself so much! Nayi and Matt wanted a chilled out vibe to their wedding, and they managed to achieve it perfectly. They combed rustic elements of the day such as the barn and the homemade wedding favours, with elegant colours of green, orange and navy blue flowers, bridesmaid dresses and decorations, in order to put together a beautifully vibrant, visual display that suited their personalities so well.

The bride had a lovely 'first look' moment with her Dad, who then walked her down the aisle, where she met her lovely groom, who couldn't stop smiling. The ceremony was a simple one, and full of loving and lingering looks at each other that us photographers just adore!

The day was full of very bright sunshine, which actually makes photographs a bit tricky, as you don't want everyone squinting at the camera, with the sun in their eyes. Luckily, the newlyweds trusted me and were willing to go on a bit of a trek to get the perfect background and lighting for their group photos, and then later on for their couples photos. Now, that really was a bit of a trek! We had to take a rather long route, past a campsite to get to the entrance to the deer enclosure that Burley Manor has on its grounds. We had been promised a bag full of deer feed to entice them over, however, we had something far better than deer feed. We had... roses! A beautiful bouquet of orange roses, which apparently to a deer is the most delicious delicacy you could possibly imagine! Let's just say that Im glad we took all of the Bride and Groom portraits before we went and fed the deer, because there was only a few strands of greenery left by the time the deer had finished! Haha! It was brilliant fun though, and we got some gorgeous photos of Nayi and Matt feeding the deer and being investigated by the deer. They are such curious creatures!

It had been so hot during the day, and during the cocktail hour before the sit down dinner, that we decided to do the couples portraits after dinner. It gave the couple a chance to relax a bit with their guests before having some 'alone' time. Or, as alone as you can be when you're being followed around by a friendly photographer and videographer! It wasn't our original plan, but generally on an 8 hour wedding day, there is a bit of room to move the timeline around. If you're getting hot and bothered, or you're suffering from 'photo fatigue', then we can generally stop the photos, take a break and regroup later when you're feeling a bit more up to it and refreshed!

There were so many favourite moments from this wedding for me - I loved the photos with the deer. I loved the veil thrown in the air photos (if you regularly read my blog, you will know that I always love these!), I loved the bridal party photos, with the gorgeous green bridemaid dresses, and the matching best woman's dress - the same style, but in nay blue. Gorgeous! I especially loved that the Groom did part of his speech in Spanish. I will admit that I have absolutely no idea what he said - but his new in-laws did and his beautiful new wife did, and the emotions on their faces made it a beautiful thing to see and hear.

A really fabulous day with a lovely couple. Best wishes for the future Nayi and Matt!


Dress: Jayne's Bridal wear www.jaynesbridalwear.co.uk

Veil: Jayne's Bridal wear

Hair Dresser: Bridal Hair by Abby www.bridalhairbyabby.co.uk

Make Up: Melissa Grey www.mhgray.co.uk

Bride's Ring: Tylor & Hart www.tylorandhart.com

Groom's Ring: Goldsmiths www.goldsmiths.co.uk

Groom's Suit: Herbie Frogg www.herbiefrogg.com

Groom's Watch: Christopher Ward www.christopherward.com

Groomsmen Watches: Seiko Watches www.seikowatches.com/uk-en

DJ: Hampshire Event DJs www.hampshireeventdjs.com

Guestbook: 2b1Wedding www.etsy.com/shop/2b1Wedding

Decorations: Linen & Lace www.linenandklacehire.co.uk

Videographer: Forever Captured www.forevercaptured.co.uk