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The engagement photo session, or as I more accurately call it 'the practice session' is such an important part of the build up to your big day, and here's why...

We can meet face to face for the first time!

We may have had a chat via Zoom, or on the phone, but chances are that we haven't actually met face to face yet! The practice photo session gives us a chance to get to know each other better, learn more about each other and start building that bond of trust and friendship that I love so much.

Get comfortable in front of the camera!

Everyone feels a bit nervous having a camera pointed at them. After all, there probably aren't that many times you've hired a professional photographer before. I can chat for England, and will soon have you laughing and joking and feeling super comfortable having a camera pointed at you. So much so, that you probably won't even notice iI'm there on your big day!

You can practice the poses for the big day!

Knowing what to expect for the Bride and Groom photo session on the wedding day, not only helps you to feel a bit more relaxed about the posing, but it also saves so much time! By knowing what to expect in advance, we can cut your portrait time in half, which means you get more time to spend enjoying yourselves with your friends and family!

You get photos in a place you love!

The important thing for this session is practicing the photos, not the location. We certainly can go to your wedding venue for your engagement shoot, or you can pick a place that is special to you both - the beach, the forest, or even the place you got engaged! Some couples even use the photos from their engagement session on their order of service for their wedding day!