Is there anything cuter than a Christmas baby photo?

Smiley, grumpy, playing with presents, or eating Christmas tree decorations - it doesn't matter, all are just as cute!

In fact, most of the time, my favourite photos from these sessions are not the posed smiley ones, but the candid photos, where the little ones are interacting with the tree or the reindeer or their sibling.

These photos were (as with 2021), taken at the Jiggy Wrigglers New Milton and Lymington Christmas parties. My Amber absolutely LOVES Jiggy Wrigglers, and the wonderful Tafflyn who runs the sessions. Amber has been attending sessions for quite some time now, but I feel like she really started interacting with the music and props at around 18 months. Every child is different, and I'm sure there are children who are younger and older before they start to join in. Amber knows all the songs and dance moves and props and she sings the songs at home too. Definitely check out your local Jiggys group if you have a little one. They are so much fun!

Anyway, I was back for the Christmas parties this year with a new backdrop (you can see last years on the 'Baby Photography' page of my website. This time around though I had my Dad joining Amber for the session, and my Mum watching my 3 week old baby in the corner, so it was a bit of a family affair! I know that I am very lucky to have such hands on grandparents for my babies!

I took photos of 35 babies and toddlers across the 3 sessions and every single child had a different Christmas outfit on! We had some smiley toddlers, some tiny newborns and some very camera-shy children, and one or two tearaways who got a bit over-excited by the whole Christmas session (my own toddler included! There were tears involved!)

Below are some of my favourite photos from the sessions!


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