Rose & Ndu's engagement session at the gorgeous Froyle Park.

What happens when you have 15 minutes to take engagement photos between the venue cleaning up after last nights wedding (which looked like A LOT of fun) and set up for the next wedding starting, oh and it decides to absolutely chuck it down with rain for the entire time?

Magic, apparently!

I don't think you would ever guess that these shots were taken in pretty torrential rain, with a cold wind blowing and the bride shivering in the cold!

Despite the not-so-ideal conditions, Rose and Ndu were amazing at posing. They are so photogenic and gorgeous that they ended up looking like professional models in their photos. It's not easy having your photo taken under those conditions at the best of times, but when you're learning new poses and being told to do silly things like 'laugh at that tree over there' at the same time, it's REALLY tricky. Rose and Ndu were cool, calm and collected. There was no fuss and no stress about the rain. They just went with it, and put their trust in me.

I'm feeling all swoon-worthy just thinking about how gorgeous their wedding next week is going to be at this stunning venue. And if this pair stay as cool and calm as they did at their engagement session, then the wedding is going to be both glamorous and completely fabulous!

Froyle Park is a simply beautiful venue, with a backdrop of beautiful sheep-filled fields, and perfectly manicured grounds. The inside is just as dreamy as the out and I seriously can't wait to take photos of the wedding.

It's a big wedding, and is sure to be one heck of a party - it's going to be perfect for this gorgeous and glamorous couple.

I'm so excited!!!