A stylish, back garden, marquee wedding reception in Milford-on-sea, Hampshire.

I've always been a very organised person. I like to plan weeks ahead for journeys and even months ahead for weddings, just to make sure that everything is perfect and I know what is happening and when. So, I must admit that I did get a very mild sense of panic when Amanda and Dorje contacted me just one week before their wedding reception, saying that they were in need of a photographer!

Still, as a photographer, I have to be prepared for any situation to change on the spot, at a moments notice, so I do have quite a lot of experience with last minute requests.

Luckily, I was available for the party and it sounded like a beautiful celebration, with a lovely chilled out couple, so I was more than happy to say yes!

Amanda and Dorje met at work in Beijing. They actually got married in China 2 years ago, but it was just the two of them at the registry office, with no friends or family present and they didn't even do a ring exchange. So, this party, in the garden of Amanda's family home, was the perfect opportunity to have a proper wedding celebration, surrounded by loved ones.

I lived in Shanghai for 3 years, so I was quite excited by the mix of English and Chinese traditions and decorations that made this wedding party so unique.

Lots of the guests were dressed in traditional Tibetan attire, and there was entertainment provided by a Tibetan singer and guitarist, who was fabulous.

The gardens of the house were absolutely stunning, so we managed to get some really gorgeous photos, including some of the family in front of the most enormous fig tree i've ever seen! The party was in a gorgeous marquee, but the weather was lovely, so everyone was on the lawn, laughing and chatting and catching up.

The party was a relaxed afternoon, with some formal photos of the Bride and Groom (including the traditional 'Chinese wedding pose' - see if you can spot it in the gallery below!). The rest of the photos were mostly candids of the guests enjoying themselves. I love having the time to take these type of photos. Usually on a wedding day, the formal portraits take up most of the cocktail hour time, so I don't get the chance to take hundreds of candids, but this time I did, so I was very happy.

There was a lovely 3 course meal, and then the mother of the Bride made a wonderful speech, and the Groom made a beautiful speech that he had translated into English. He had put so much effort into it, and it made me feel rather emotional! The Bride and Groom then did a quick ring exchange and then it was time to party!

It was such a lovely afternoon, and I was thrilled to be able to capture some lovely photos from a beautiful wedding reception.