Your wedding details are so important!


Because these are the things that you have spent hours and hours choosing, planning and agonising over to ensure that they are absolutely perfect!

These details are the things that will make your wedding so perfect, but in all the excitement of the big day, you might not get time to appreciate them. Some things, your guests might not even get to see, such as the fabulous shoes you spent hours choosing, that are hiding under your long dress. Everyone will see your flowers, but no one (probably not even you!) is going to get the chance to study them closely and appreciate their beauty.

That is why getting photos of these special details are so important.

Details photos are usually built into your 'Getting Ready' timeline. So son't be surprised if your photographer says that you need 2 hours or at least an hour and a half for photos pre-ceremony! This isn't just to take photos of you in your dress, with your bridesmaids and getting your hair done. This time is also to capture those important details, so that you have all the time in the world to look back on them after the wedding and appreciate how wonderful they were.

Here are my 10 'must haves' for your getting ready details photos:

For the Bride:




Nice hanger for dress photos

Rings (all of them! Engagement ring, plus the Bride AND Groom's rings)

Bouquet **Please have florist deliver in time and if possible, ask for spare blooms to be used in detail shots.

For the Groom:



Cuff links


Some suggestions for other details you may wish to include:

Ring box

Vow books

Bridesmaid dresses

Any stationary, such as invites/order of service, etc

Matching bridesmaid PJ's

Bridesmaid/Groomsmen gifts/named champagne glasses, etc

If the Bride and Groom are getting ready in different locations, it isn't always possible to get the Groom's detail shots. However, if you're both getting ready in the same hotel, then ALL of the details, including the Groom's, should be in the Bride's getting ready room. This saves so much time, rather than setting up for two different detail photo shoots.

Once i've taken all of the detail shots, I can pop everything the Groom needs (including those all important rings) back over to the Groom's getting ready room, with plenty of time for the boys to finish getting ready.