A first birthday cake smash to remember!

As soon as a baby can walk, or even crawl, photographing them becomes unpredictable! I find the easiest babies to photograph are those who can sit up fine on their own, and crawl around a bit, but who aren't yet walking or standing on their own. You can just sit them down in front of the cake and you know that they aren't going anywhere! Easy peasy.

Unfortunately (for me), the lovely Luca learnt how to walk way before his first birthday, so his cake smash was a little bit more complicated than normal because he wanted to stand up for the whole thing! We made it work though!

He was happy enough to sit down and chew on some wooden spoons, but really wasn't impressed when the beautifully decorated cake came out, ready to be smashed up. Luckily, his big sister was up for joining in and helping.

I actually love the photo where he looks like he's absolutely disgusted with the butter cream icing. Those type of photos are always my favourite, because they show what really happened. Babies don't really like cake very much, unless they have had lots of sweet tasting things in the lead up to the session, so pulling unimpressed faces is quite usual. That's why I always make sure to take some smiley photos before the cake comes out, while the little one is still in a good mood!

That gorgeous smile just melts my heart!