Super Cute Cake Smash!

Get ready for a cuteness overload with these photos from a wonderfully fun and cute cake smash!

I recently got a new silver backdrop for my baby portraits, so that now you can choose between silver and gold for your at-home portrait session. I must admit that I am loving the silver. It really brought out the blue of this gorgeous girly's eyes and her cute blue dress worked well too.

My other new prop that I got to play with was the balloon boxes! They can be filled with any colour balloon, and I have a huge range of colours to choose from, so it means that we can customise your baby's first birthday photo shoot even more than before. We went for pink balloons this time and this cheeky girl was straight into the box exploring the balloons!

I know I say it every time, but I really do love working with babies and toddlers, and this session was no exception. I especially love that you can see the level of 'hyper' going up a notch every 5 or so photos! She was really going to town on that icing! It was so funny when she picked up the entire cake off the plate and started scoffing it. I have to remind myself to keep taking photos when this happens and not to stop and just laugh!

The aim of this session was not just to get some cute first birthday photos, but to get some nice portraits to use as thank you cards for Christmas presents too, which we definitely managed to do by getting snapping before any cake or birthday decorations came out.

And how could I not take gorgeous photos of this lovely girl - she's so photogenic! Just look at those beautiful blue eyes!