The Chew Family's fun, autumnal photo session at Boundway Hill in The New Forest.

How completely adorable are these guys?!! I love doing family photo shoots, and it's even more special when it's an engagement shoot too, with the wedding just around the corner. Plus, it's even more super duper when the soon to be bride is a new friend from my Mummy's Walking Group.

The group was a real source of comfort once it started up again just after the last lockdown. Moving to a new place, where you don't know anyone at all is daunting at the best of times, but when you can't go out and meet new people, you're starting a business all over again in a new place, and have a baby on the way, it's pretty stressful! The walking group was a chance for me to get some fresh air and meet other new parents. It wasn't a baby group for Amber, but something for me, to allow me to meet new people and make some friends. It was just a bonus that Amber could be there too, snoozing in her buggy and being generally very well behaved while I drank tea, ate cake and overshared about birthing experiences after the walk each week! If anyone has just had a baby and is near the New Milton area, we meet every Wednesday at 10am by the Beach Comber cafe. Come along. Everyone is welcome. It's free and friendly and I love it!

Anyway, the point was that I met the lovely Jaz at one of the walks and we bonded over babies, breastfeeding and cake (as you do). I met the rest of her gorgeous family last weekend at their photo shoot. They introduced me to Boundway Hill, which is THE MOST PICTURESQUE spot in the New Forest EVER! It's a bit of a hidden gem, but I am definitely suggesting it as a location for all of my future shoots in the forest. That backdrop is to die for!

We had a lovely photo session and the kids were so well behaved. I can't wait for their wedding, and we really don't have long to wait! The kids are going to look so cute in their special wedding outfits.

I'll end on this note (that really did make me chuckle); I asked the gorgeous Maisy how she liked having a baby brother. Her answer was;

'It's OK.' 

The brutal honesty of children. You can't beat it!