The Smalldridge Family's 65th wedding anniversary cliff top photo shoot.

I love a happy family photo shoot!

I especially love it when it is an extended family shoot.

Everyone being together at the same time happens so rarely, especially in a big family, so it seems absolutely the right thing to do to hire a photographer to get some photos of everyone enjoying themselves together.

These are the special moments that are treasured forever. The moments that get framed and put up on the wall, or stuck to the fridge. The moments that get smiled about when they are remembered.

I really enjoyed my afternoon with this lovely family, who were celebrating a very special wedding anniversary. 65 years married is very impressive indeed!

As both a wedding photographer and a family photographer, I just love it when these two special things are combined. Photographing weddings is special because you see a couple right at the start of their journey together. Photographing a family is special because you get to see what happens after that special day. You get to see what couples have done with their lives and you get to see their happily ever afters!