Carmen & Daniel's gorgeous, lazy-summers-afternoon engagement photo shoot at Wilverley Inclosure in The New Forest.

The first thing that struck me about Carmen and Daniel was how completely adorable they are together.  

Their outfit choices were spot on, their posing was effortless and they needed very little direction from me to get these SUPER CUTE engagement photos. They were everything a photographer could want for a photo session!

They chose to have their photos in the New Forest, as it is such a stunning place close to where they live. I suggested Wilverley Inclosure because it is beautiful and peaceful, and those are both things you need in your life in the lead up to your wedding. Not that this pair seemed like they needed either of those things! They were chatty and cute and totally chilled about the wedding. Everything is coming together and is under control and they are just enjoying their last couple of weeks before they become Mr and Mrs.

I really feel like their love, happiness and pleasure in each other's company shines through in these photos.

Most couples tend to be a little nervous for their engagement shoot because it's the first time they have had a photographer pointing a camera in their faces! But this pair relaxed very quickly and were naturals.

I really do love these photos. I just think that Carmen and Daniel look so cute together. And if they are this cute at the engagement shoot, how dreamy are their wedding photos going to be!!!

I can't wait for their wedding