All wedding packages include a complimentary engagement photo session so that we can get to know each other a bit better, practice some poses, and help you both get comfortable being in front of the camera. This makes the portraits on the wedding day go a lot smoother and quicker since you already know the poses. This means that on the big day you get more time to spend with your guests, chatting and having fun and really enjoying being in the moment.

We will decide on a date and location together. I'm happy to send over location recommendations if you would like them. If you are having your ceremony and reception all in one place (such as a hotel), then we can take your photos there, to get to know the venue a bit better. If you are going for different venues, or venues that don't have much outside space, then we can take your photos in the forest, or at the beach, or somewhere special to you!

All about YOU:

My goal is to make my sessions feel laid back and very easy going! I will direct you with some poses, so there is no need to worry about not knowing what to do!

What to bring:

Your dogs!

Retro sunglasses



Old cars/motorcycles

Favorite food (pizza, ice cream, etc.)



anything else you can think of!

Be prepared, whatever the weather:

The perfect weather for photographs is the hour before sunset (golden hour), on a clear, warm day. However, we're in the UK, so you could end up with sun, rain, snow, wind, clouds, puddles, mud or scorching heat! We can still make all of these types of weather work! Embrace the weather! Whether it's your engagement session or your wedding day, there is nothing you can do to change the weather, so don't let it get you stressed.

Tips to help manage the changing weather:

- A clear umbrella is a photographers best accessory! (I always have one on hand!) It means you can still get outside photos, even if it's raining.

- Can you change your shoes? No one is going to know if you are wearing trainers under a long dress, so that you can walk through a muddy field.

- Dress for the weather. Add layers. If you are warm and comfortable, that will show through in your photos, just the same as it will show if you are shivering and cold!

- Thinking of wearing your hair down? If it's really windy, maybe try an up-do instead.

- If you really have your heart set on a particular time or place, we can always reschedule your engagement session.