Fun in the forest family photo shoot!

I am always majorly impressed by families who can get themselves organised enough to be ready for a morning family photoshoot, ESPECIALLY if those families have a newborn baby! This gorgeous girl was less than a month old when we went to my favourite spot in Wilverley Inclosure in the New Forest to take photos with her lovely parents and proud big brother. At 10am. 10! I remember when I had Joshua, I was impressed with myself if I could get out of the house and down the road to the shops by the end of the day! So, the fact that they were ready to go, smiling, happy, and photoshoot ready, made me super impressed... and a little envious of their organisational skills!

We had a lovely mini photo shoot with a happy toddler and a snoozing newborn and we got some gorgeous smiley photos of everyone, as well as capturing some wonderful candid, fun moments between everyone.

Take a look at some of the fun we had in the gallery below!

'Lovely photos, Faye made you feel really relaxed which resulted in some lovely, natural family photos. Thank you so much for capturing my family to create great memory photos'