Spring brings with it a natural beauty that is very romantic. Cherry blossoms can perfectly highlight a pastel palette, which can give you some fabulous colour themes for your bridesmaids/invitations/decor/anything really! Mint, baby blue, pastel pink, cream and gold are all so chic and give off very romantic vibes.

You are likely to be able to get outdoor photographs, if the spring showers hold off. You can have beautiful sunshine in the Spring, even between showers, so if your guests are willing to brave getting chilly for a few minutes, outside photos are definitely a possibility.

Spring weather is suited to every style of dress, so you won't need to worry when choosing your wedding outfit - long sleeves, short sleeves, full skirt or slimline - you will feel comfortable no matter what the weather does!

Flowers! Springtime weddings are perfect for choosing seasonal flowers (out of season flowers grown in a hot house will be more expensive). Spring has a huge variety of blooms to offer, so you'll definitely find something to match your theme and colours.

Spring symbolises 'new beginnings', so it is the perfect season to start your married lives together!


Spring can have unpredictable weather, so you may be roasting hot or shivering in the snow. With a Spring wedding you need to be prepared for anything, especially in March, when we tend to get our 'second winter' in the UK.

Allergies. The season for wonderful growth and flowers blooming everywhere also means that allergies start coming into play. This is definitely something to consider, especially if you are thinking of having an outside wedding.

The Easter holidays and all of the May bank holidays here in the UK can mean that prices for venues, etc go up. You also need to remember that families with children may go on holiday during the Easter break as it is a bit more inexpensive compared to summer holiday prices.

Spring is a very popular time to get married, so the prices for everything will have risen significantly since Winter.