To veil or not to veil?


Very few accessories say 'wedding' quite like a veil does! Veils date back to the Roman times and are a big part of the bridal outfit for any traditional style wedding.

There are many different shapes, styles and lengths of veil, so there is lots of versatility when choosing one. The sheer amount of choice in itself can be a bit overwhelming. has a great guide for explaining what each type of veil is and how to choose one that compliments your dress and wedding vibe.

This is probably the only opportunity you will have to wear a veil. That doesn't mean you definitely should, but it does mean you should give it some thought. Will you regret not wearing one?

The thing I love most about veils is that you can get some wonderful, dramatic, impactful photographs with them! I just love the 'throwing the veil in the air and letting it flutter to the ground' veil photos. They are some of my favourites from weddings I photograph, and I am always thrilled when Brides tell me they are wearing a veil!


Wedding expenses can quickly add up and even small veils can be expensive, so this is definitely something to be mindful of.

Veils can be tricky to manage, especially if you are having an outdoor ceremony and it is even a tiny bit windy. The possibility of having to hold on to your veil to stop it blowing around your face for your entire ceremony is very real!

If you decide against a veil, you can always substitute it with something more 'you'. Flower crowns, head pieces, clips and jewellery are all wonderful options.

Before you decide:

Finalise your wedding outfit first. This will make it easier to see if a veil will suit your style or not. Be sure to try several veils of different styles and lengths even if you're convinced you don't want one. You might change your mind!