What is a wedding first look?

A first look is when the couple getting married meet somewhere (away from all your guests) BEFORE the ceremony, to get photos of your reactions to seeing each other for the first time, without the pressure of doing it in front of everyone you know, at your ceremony!

It is no secret that wedding photographers LOVE first looks. Why? Not just because it captures such a special moment and because we can create beautiful, emotive photos, but also because it means that you can have a much more relaxed timeline for your big day!

When you do a first look, it means we can capture couples photos, wedding party photos, and even some family photos, all before you've even said hello to your first guest! Doing these photos before your ceremony allows for a far more relaxed/enjoyable photo taking experience.

Walking down the aisle will still be a special moment, because all of your friends and family will be seeing you for the first time! The couple not seeing each other before the wedding has been a long-time tradition, however, with more couples now living together and having families before they are married, wedding traditions are changing.

If having a stress-free day is a priority for you, I highly recommend doing a private first look and taking advantage of the time it carves out for just the two of you (which is rare on your wedding day!). Seeing your partner can calm your nerves. You will likely get more photos by doing a first look.

If you would like to discuss whether or not a first look is for you, just ask!

Take a look of the lovely photos of Bride and Groom Nicole and Patrick, who did a first look at their micro-wedding, in order to calm their pre-wedding nerves...