Hayley &Ty's stunning autumnal engagement photo session in Wilverley Inclosure.

Oh, the colours of autumn make my heart sing. I always say that I don't like autumn because of the darker evenings and the cold. However, then I go into the forest and I see the colours of autumn in all their glory and I remember that I am so lucky to live in such a place, and then autumn doesn't feel so gloomy anymore.

In fact, as soon as this engagement session was over, I made my family put our own Christmas jumpers on and head immediately back to exactly the same spot (and my parents too, so they could take the photos), to take our own Christmas photos! That's how beautiful this spot was!

It really doesn't get more perfect for a photo session, when there is beautiful November sunshine and the trees are looking unbelievably colourful and fabulous. Plus, I had the pleasure of the company of the lovely Hayley and Ty.

I don't want to jinx anything, but they are now on attempt number 4 for their wedding, and things are finally starting to come together. When we met at the Inclosure and I asked how the wedding plans were coming along, they said that they were getting excited, as it really felt like it was happening now.

They are such a sweet couple, who are so chilled out and easy going, despite how stressful everything to do with the wedding must have been for the last year or so. I've only been with them for half of their rescheduling-journey, but their original plans loss is certainly my gain. I can feel myself buzzing with excitement just thinking about their Christmassy themed wedding! If your venue is going to have Christmas decorations up, you may as well embrace it and throw yourself in 100%, and that certainly seems to be the plan for these two. Did I mention how excited I am!!! I love all things Christmas, so this is quite literally, the wedding of my dreams!