Ishbel & chris' breezy winter engagement photo session at Highcliffe beach.

Ishbel and Chris are such a lovely couple. I really felt like we clicked nicely over our online initial consultation, so I was thrilled when they booked me to be their wedding photographer. I was even more thrilled when I found out that they are having a micro-wedding (my favourite), AND that the wedding is at my favourite restaurant, which is just around the corner from where I live!

Perfect, right!?

Anyway, I am FINALLY blogging some of their engagement photos, after spending the last 6 weeks working hard on my fabulous new website design.

Highcliffe beach is one of my favourite places to shoot because no matter what time of day, you can get a gorgeous background of either the Isle of Wight, or Bournemouth and onwards.

On the day of the engagement shoot, the weather was doing really weird things - some good, some not so good!

The good-weird thing was that there was completely even cloud cover. This might not mean much to anyone, but normally, even if there is cloud cover over the entire sky, there are some areas of thick cloud, some of fine cloud and you can still see where the sun is, and therefore there are still shadows if you look hard enough.

On this day, the cloud cover was so thick and so even that you couldn't tell where the sun was at all, and there were NO SHADOWS. I have honestly never experienced this before! It was just bizarre! I've never been able to say to a couple that it doesn't matter which direction we face because the photos will be exactly the same either way. Usually, I take charge and suggest the best places for the most flattering light and shadows!

We decided on the Isle of Wight as the background, mostly because of the direction of the wind (again, not something I generally have to factor into my photos!)

Another first for me was having to shout at my couple! Not because they were being naughty, but because the wind was blowing SO STRONG it just carried my voice away as soon as I said anything!

To get the shots where there was a lot of background, I was really bellowing my posing instructions! Poor Chris and Ishbel! They handled it like pros and were very photogenic.

The strange weather conditions seemed to work for us though because I really love the photos from this session. I don't think this lovely couple look like their are about to be blown out to sea by gale-force winds! They took it all in their stride and were very chilled out - a good sign that the wedding is going to be fabulously chilled out too. I can't wait!

In the meantime, enjoy some photos from their beach engagement session.