A romantic engagement photo session off the beaten track in the woodlands surrounding Romsey.

I can't believe it's officially Autumn! This summer has been one of the busiest ever for me and my family! Our family moved house this summer! We are no longer in New Milton, although it's still close by and I'm definitely still taking photos there. We now live in Romsey, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by sheep and farmland and one rather grumpy llama. It's wonderful for our children, as they have so much space to run around in, like we never had before. We're all loving it in Romsey so far, and are still exploring the area and finding out what's what!

In another first since I officially became a wedding photographer, we were invited to not one, but two wonderful weddings, AS GUESTS! For once (no, twice!) I got to enjoy the day without thinking about where the most flattering light and angles were. I just got to spend time with my family and friends and it was lovely!

Don't get me wrong, I know that I have the best job on the entire planet! Getting to spend a couples special day with them is an absolute honour. Couples put all of their trust into me to capture the day in a beautiful and authentic way, and I love every second of it. But I had forgotten how lovely it is to just be a guest too.

One wedding we attended was a family one in the peak district, where my little girl decided to start singing 'the wheels on the bus' just as everyone went quiet, ready for the bride to make her big entrance! Yes, we were THOSE people!

The second was without the kiddies. Just Matt and I in Glasgow, with our dearest friends from when we worked in Germany. It was my first trip to Scotland and also my first time sobbing my way through a ceremony! I've never been teary at weddings before, but I just couldn't help it - our friends are so wonderful and I was so happy for them! I loved the Scottish traditions they incorporated into the ceremony, and what can I say, I love a man in a kilt - especially if that man is one of the Groom's 2 year old nephew and in full traditional dress, looking about as gorgeous as it is possible to be!

So, after our very busy summer, with a holiday to France thrown in there somehow too, we are back to reality, and now on the stretch towards Christmas. I know! I said Christmas!!! I worked in schools for 6 years, and Matt is a teacher, so our year is very much divided into terms. The Autumn term ends with Christmas, so in my mind, we're on route to Christmas! It's going to be a very busy Autumn, with some exciting things coming up!

There will be weddings (including my brothers!), SOOOO many cute Jiggy Wrigglers baby portraits, gorgeous family photo shoots, and some fabulously autumnal engagement shoots. So much to look forward to!

For now, for your viewing pleasure, here is my last engagement session for this summer - the lovely Nicole and Patrick, who are just as adorable as they look, and whose wedding I can't wait for! We went for a little wander into the woodlands around Romsey and came across this lovely spot. Perfect for practicing some poses without an audience. They did so well, and are so gorgeous. We're going to have a fabulous time at their wedding next month - it's a city one, with an urban backdrop, so I'm really excited for it!

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