Worth Matravers, Winspit Quarry, Dorset Engagement Photo Session

Ooooo, what an adventure we had last week!

When Helen and Dan suggested that we do their engagement photo session at the spot where Dan proposed, I immediately agreed. I love doing engagement shoots at a place that has special meaning for the couple.

We were due to meet at a pub in Worth Matravers, and I had never been there before, but was pretty excited since Google told me that it was a super picturesque village complete with duck pond, pretty village church and gorgeous little stone cottages covered in climbing roses. Yes! I was fully on board with this plan.

Luckily, I wore trainers that day because it turned out that the spot Dan had proposed at was at Winspit Quarry, on the cliff tops and the only way to get there was a mile hike in either direction!

No problem! I love an adventure, I was intrigued about what we would find at the cliff top and most importantly, I was wearing sensible shoes. Our walk on the way was downhill and gave us plenty of time to chat all things 'wedding', which is my favourite topic.

Well, I was not expecting to find the quarry so picturesque and the scenery so beautiful! I was dazzled! When I think of the word 'quarry', my mind immediately goes to stone cut caves, and yes, there were plenty of those, but they were cut right into the cliff top, leaving a small path to wander along before a sheer drop into the ocean. It was such a bright, beautiful day that the sea looked like it was covered in glitter.

We had the place pretty much to ourselves and only encountered a few other people on the whole trip. What a hidden treasure. I just had no idea that this was hiding in Dorset, really not too far from where I live. I will definitely be going back, although perhaps when my daughter is old enough not to fall of the cliff edge!

This was such an enjoyable engagement photo session, in a spectacular location that gave us sunshine, sea, interesting rock formations and even some beautiful green, rolling hills as backgrounds.

Helen and Dan were absolute naturals in front of the camera, and I am so excited for their wedding later this week!