Mel and James' late-summer engagement session at Sopley Mill.

I have FINALLY had time to write a blog post about this gorgeous engagement session from September! Things have been busy with various engagement and family shoots - plus looking after an 8 month old who is surprisingly mobile for one who can't quite crawl just yet!

Anyway, back at the end of September I went to meet the lovely Mel and James for their engagement session at Sopley Mill. Sopley Mill is an absolutely stunning venue - a converted mill, with lots of the original features still visible. Their are fabulous views from everywhere in their gorgeous gardens and even a lovely bridge at the back of the mill, leading to fields as far as the

eye can see. Sounds dreamy, am I right?!

Not even torrential rain can make this venue any less perfect - and we sure did have the rain at this engagement session. Luckily, it was right at the start of the session, and all it meant was that we got to have a good chat before we got down to the important bit of taking photos! Everyone knows that I love a good chat, and it's so nice to really get to know a couple at their engagement session - it always makes things easier on the wedding day if the couple feel comfortable and happy in front of the camera. That really is the whole point of the engagement photos in the first place! Being in front of a camera makes 99% of people feel a little nervous. Even photographers. In fact, ESPECIALLY photographers - We're so used to being behind the camera!

So, Mel and James had said how nervous they were about having their photos taken. I stopped believing them after taking... oooo, 3 photos!

The photos at the top of this post are from the first spot we picked and from the first poses that this lovely pair tried. Do they look nervous? Umm, no! Not even a little bit!

I love it when a couple relax and start interacting with each other in a really natural way. I'm always there to give directions, tips and hints as to how to pose to get gorgeous natural looking photos, but sometimes I don't have to do anything. Just keep clicking!

I could really feel the love between this pair and their happiness at being engaged was so tangible. Their session was a photographers dream.

It really is wonderful to be photographing newly engaged couples again. You can just feel the love so much!

I just wish that we didn't have to wait so long for the wedding. It's going to be fabulous!!!