Helen and Trevor's breezy, early Spring engagement photo session in Wilverley Inclosure, in The New Forest.

You must have realised. by now that saying that 'I like Wilverley Inclosure' may be a bit of an understatement. It may actually be my favourite place where I live, maybe in the whole of the UK, maybe even in the whole world.

Why? Because it reminds me of being on holiday!

I grew up in greater London, and it wasn't until I was at University that my parents moved down to Hampshire. Up until that point, we spent many a long, hot summer, and rainy, freezing-cold weekend in our little caravan somewhere in the New Forest. Most of the time we would camp at Holmsley campsite, and our walks with various dogs across the years would always take us to Wilverley Plain and Inclosure.

The Inclosure makes me think of collecting 'interesting' sticks as a child, and building shelters made from fallen twigs and leaves, and even. (though heaven knows why!) letter boxing in the dark!

So, you can see why I suggest the Inclosure to many of my couples for their engagement shoots. It also happens to be an excellent spot for photography. There is a 3-way intersection not too far in from the car park, which means that it is the perfect spot to shoot in at any time of day, because if the sun isn't working in a particular direction, we just move to a path that faces a different way. Perfect!

When I met Helen and Trevor at the entrance to the Inclosure, I was thrilled to see that they had dressed up for the occasion! It was great to hear all about how their wedding plans are coming along and to keep getting to know them better - sometimes there can be quite a big gap between that initial photographer-couple meeting and the wedding. That is one of the reasons why the engagement shoot is so important. It is an extra bit of contact and getting-to-know-each-other. It makes it seem so much less like there is a random person with a load of camera equipment sharing the most important parts of your big day, and more like your sharing your day with a friendly face whose company you enjoy.

Anyway, the engagement shoot was perfect. We had great weather conditions (nice and lightly cloudy) and Helen and Trevor were the perfect models.

Though they seemed a little nervous at first (as most people are when stood in front of a photographer), they soon relaxed and we were able to capture some great moments together.

I can't wait for their wedding day!